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The seminar on innovation in digital business and cryptocurrency (Fintech) emphasizes the application of innovation and digital entrepreneurship in the development of new business models, products and services through innovation. Cryptocurrencies are treated as a means of monetization of digital business transactions, as well as the possibility of an investment portfolio. The P2P network (Peer-to-Peer) base of the blockchain architecture allows integration with various business platforms and the generation of new business models. The course allows the development of knowledge and skills for the modeling of new businesses through open innovation and the use of product and service platforms for the acceleration of digital startups.

• Leadership, People Management and Strategies for Innovation in Digital Companies
• Financial Management and Digital Business Marketing
• Startups and Digital Business Design
• Digital Business with Big Data
• Blockchain architecture management
• Platforms of Products and Services
• Politics, Economy, Community and Digital Security of Cryptocurrencies